BasiliskII for Atari

Macintosh emulator for Atari ST/STe/TT/Falcon

This is an Atari port of the open source Macintosh emulator BasiliskII.
BasiliskII is the work of Christian Bauer:
Visit for general information, discussions, tools and software regarding BasiliskII or other Macintosh emulators.

Forum regarding this port:

Source code:


Download current version:

(Older builds are available at the bottom of the page)

Test data:
Test data2, a small 10MB disk:
Test data3, a few 256-color only games:

System requirements:

  • 68020, 68030, 68040 or 68060
    • FPU is optional, MMU is required on 68030+
  • 4MB RAM
    • TT-RAM is highly recommended but not strictly required
    • (8MB if using non-native graphics modes)
  • A hard drive
  • A graphics card is recommended for best performance in color, but is not required.

Older versions: