Monkey Island 2
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Day of the Tentacle

For low-end Atari computers.
Target is for Monkey Island 2 to be decently playable on stock 8Mhz machines. We are not there yet but the games should run quite well on a stock 16Mhz Falcon or faster. These are early alpha builds and do not yet meet target performance or stability:

Most recent build:

Older builds:



- Fixed crash on startup with TOS 1.04
- Fixed speech related crashes (happened frequently in Indy4)
- IRQ and Timer code revamped, attempting to fix these:
  – Report of Indy4 hanging on startup on a Mega STE.
  – Stab in the dark trying to fix DMA sound on Falcon
- Improved YM music

– Better YM music
– First pass converting data at first launch
– Considerable bump in performance
– DMA sound fixes
– Mouse cursor independent from game framerate
– First alpha release