The secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Day of the Tentacle
Sam & Max: Hit the Road

ScummVM port targeting stock low-end Atari ST/STE/Falcon/TT.

Requires a Hard Drive and 4MB RAM (some games will work fine with 2MB)

Fate of Atlantis, Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2 runs well on stock 8Mhz machines.
Day of the Tentacle is playable on 8Mhz machines but will run much better on a Mega STE or better.
Sam & Max can be considered playable on a Mega STE but something faster such as a TT is recommended to avoid slowdowns.

Download latest version:

Older builds and change log can be found at the bottom of the page.

Sourcecode is here:


Sam & Max


Where can I buy the original game data files?

Monkey Island 1 Special Edition comes with the original MS-DOS CD-ROM version data files.
Use “Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Builder” to make a full talkie version, with midi music, from the Special Edition:
Alternatively you can extract the original data files using “Monkey Island Explorer” but this version, like the original DOS version, will be completely silent since it relies on cd-audio.

ScummST only support the CD-ROM version of Monkey Island 1 and the only way to get music (and speech) is to play the Ultimate Talkie Edition. Floppy versions of this game are not supported.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition comes with the original MS-DOS data files and can be purchased from Steam or GOG.
Use “Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Builder” to make a full talkie version from the Special Edition:
Alternatively, you can use “Monkey Island Explorer” to extract the following files for the original non-talkie version:
classic/en/monkey2.000, classic/en/monkey2.001

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis talkie edition can be purchased on GOG
You need the following files from the game data folder: ATLANTIS.000, ATLANTIS.001 & MONSTER.SOU

Day of the Tentacle Remastered comes with the original MS-DOS talkie edition data files and can be purchased from Steam or GOG.
Use “DoubleFine Explorer” to extract the following files from the game:
classic/en/tentacle.000, classic/en/tentacle.001, classic/en/monster.sou

Sam & Max can be purchased on Steam or GOG.
You need the following files from the game data folder: SAMNMAX.000, SAMNMAX.001 & MONSTER.SOU


– Should now work on TwiSTEr accelerator

– Fixed Mxalloc issue on Atari TOS (Thanks czietz!)

– Activated a few optimizations and bugfixes that I didn’t want to enable earlier since it breaks compatibility with older saves. This shrinks the size of the ST1 files by several MB.

– Added Sam & Max: Hit the Road
– Fixed sprite priority / flickering bug

– Performance improvements
– Better handling of missing or unconverted data (messages + return to desktop)
– Better exception handling (bombs visible on Atari TOS. Info + return to desktop on EmuTos/Mint/Magic)

– Fixed sound/speech related crash
– Fixed sprite masking issue
– Slightly better performance in some scenarios
– Added standalone resource converter tool for Windows

– Added a proper options menu and removed the temporary one at startup
– Added ability to quit back to desktop
– GUI performance improvement

– Fixed keyboard input when running under FreeMiNT

– Fixed output volume on MV16 cartridge
– Fixed early speech cutoffs in Monkey1+2
– Added experimental support for Microdeal sound cartridges

– Attempt to fixed crash on startup when running under MagiC.

– DMA sound now works on Falcon

– Dithering of background graphics
– Fixed colour bugs associated with the Verb area
– Indy4 is now using the standard palette again

– Added Monkey Island 1 (CD-ROM / Special Edition version only)

– Fixed audio crash.

– Optimised sample-rate conversion.
– 8Mhz STE no longer use lower quality DMA sound
– Indy4 is now playable on 8Mhz ST with YM speech enabled (some slowdowns when talking but playable. B.A.T. / Covox output is faster)

- Lower quality DMA sound on 8Mhz STE to improve performance.
- Fixed YM sound/speech for Falcon
- Fixed missing-sprite issue if they were spawned off-screen.
- Re-enabled expensive graphics on 68030 or better
(sunken ship in foreground in Monkey2, Large lamp post in Indy4 etc..)
- Tuned the colour palette for Indy4.

– Significant performance improvements for 8Mhz machines.
– Fixed graphics issues such as: sprite masking, text rendering, line drawing
– Some potential crash issues fixed
– Resource format was changed since v200602. It will trigger a reinstall.
– DMA sound is not working correctly on real Falcon hardware.
– Some Atari TT’s have issues with YM music in Day of the Tentacle.
– Inventory area disappears at some places in Day of the Tentacle, to return when switching room.

- Fixed compatibility issues with P.Putnik’s HDD drivers under certain circumstances
- Tidied up installer screen

- Fixed crash on startup with TOS 1.04
- Fixed speech related crashes (happened frequently in Indy4)
- IRQ and Timer code revamped, attempting to fix these:
  – Report of Indy4 hanging on startup on a Mega STE.
  – Stab in the dark trying to fix DMA sound on Falcon
- Improved YM music

– Better YM music

– First pass converting data at first launch
– Considerable bump in performance
– DMA sound fixes
– Mouse cursor independent from game framerate

– First alpha release



Older builds: