Monkey Island 1 & 2
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Day of the Tentacle

ScummVM port targeting stock low-end Atari ST/STE/Falcon/TT.
These builds are work in progress and may not yet meet target performance or stability.

Requires 4MB RAM and a Hard Drive. You may get away with 2MB RAM but that is largely untested.

Monkey Island 1+2 and Indy4 are playable on stock 8Mhz machines.
Day of the Tentacle needs a Mega STE or better to be enjoyable (Falcon if you want to watch the intro at full framerate)



* This version is incompatible with savegames from versions before 200705
(Indy4 will not load the older saves at all. The others will, but you may experience colour issues in the verb & inventory area when using older saves)


Where can I buy the original game data files?

Monkey Island 1 Special Edition comes with the original MS-DOS CD-ROM version data files.
Use “Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Builder” to make a full talkie version, with midi music, from the Special Edition:
Alternatively you can extract the original data files using “Monkey Island Explorer” but this version, like the original DOS version, will be completely silent since it relies on cd-audio.

ScummST only support the CD-ROM version of Monkey Island 1 and the only way to get music (and speech) is to play the Ultimate Talkie Edition. Floppy versions of this game are not supported.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition comes with the original MS-DOS data files and can be purchased from Steam or GOG.
Use “Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Builder” to make a full talkie version from the Special Edition:
Alternatively, you can use “Monkey Island Explorer” to extract the following files for the original non-talkie version:
classic/en/monkey2.000, classic/en/monkey2.001

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis talkie edition can be purchased on GOG
You need the following files from the game data folder: ATLANTIS.000, ATLANTIS.001 & MONSTER.SOU

Day of the Tentacle Remastered comes with the original MS-DOS talkie edition data files and can be purchased from Steam or GOG.
Use “DoubleFine Explorer” to extract the following files from the game:
classic/en/tentacle.000, classic/en/tentacle.001, classic/en/monster.sou



– Fixed output volume on MV16 cartridge
– Fixed early speech cutoffs in Monkey1+2
– Added experimental support for Microdeal sound cartridges

– Attempt to fixed crash on startup when running under MagiC.

– DMA sound now works on Falcon

– Dithering of background graphics
– Fixed colour bugs associated with the Verb area
– Indy4 is now using the standard palette again

– Added Monkey Island 1 (CD-ROM / Special Edition version only)

– Fixed audio crash.

– Optimised sample-rate conversion.
– 8Mhz STE no longer use lower quality DMA sound
– Indy4 is now playable on 8Mhz ST with YM speech enabled (some slowdowns when talking but playable. B.A.T. / Covox output is faster)

- Lower quality DMA sound on 8Mhz STE to improve performance.
- Fixed YM sound/speech for Falcon
- Fixed missing-sprite issue if they were spawned off-screen.
- Re-enabled expensive graphics on 68030 or better
(sunken ship in foreground in Monkey2, Large lamp post in Indy4 etc..)
- Tuned the colour palette for Indy4.

– Significant performance improvements for 8Mhz machines.
– Fixed graphics issues such as: sprite masking, text rendering, line drawing
– Some potential crash issues fixed
– Resource format was changed since v200602. It will trigger a reinstall.
– DMA sound is not working correctly on real Falcon hardware.
– Some Atari TT’s have issues with YM music in Day of the Tentacle.
– Inventory area disappears at some places in Day of the Tentacle, to return when switching room.

- Fixed compatibility issues with P.Putnik’s HDD drivers under certain circumstances
- Tidied up installer screen

- Fixed crash on startup with TOS 1.04
- Fixed speech related crashes (happened frequently in Indy4)
- IRQ and Timer code revamped, attempting to fix these:
  – Report of Indy4 hanging on startup on a Mega STE.
  – Stab in the dark trying to fix DMA sound on Falcon
- Improved YM music

– Better YM music

– First pass converting data at first launch
– Considerable bump in performance
– DMA sound fixes
– Mouse cursor independent from game framerate

– First alpha release



Older builds: